CEN-01/2018 - Vacancy Position & Cut-off Marks-Main Panel (as on 13-08-2021)
1 The recruitment process for CEN 01/2018 has been completed.
2 The empanelment of candidates is made strictly based on the Merit order duly observing relevant guidelines.
3 The important information is made available on the website from time to time at various stages of recruitment process. The various information available in the website are furnished under for ready reference.

1. Score of Candidate: For individual candidates to view their CBT 2 score, Overall Rank and Community Rank.
2. Shortlisted Candidates: For Document Verification as list,
3. Cut-off Marks: For Document Verification as list.
4. Rejection of candidate: For individual candidates to view the reason for rejection.
5. Part Panel: For empanelled candidates as list with score and community.
6. Summary List: Detailing Notified vacancies, Supplied candidates, Shortfall vacancy, Pending vacancy, Panel status and cut-off marks.

4. The candidates who attended document verification and are not figuring in the Empanelled List, Pending List and Rejection List are kept as it is as per their Rank order, advised along with score, which will not change at any stage.
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